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  • Do you ship overseas?
    We cannot ship to Canada. For all other countries please see our page on Foreign Orders
  • How long are your cuttings and rooted cuttings?
    Our cuttings range from 14" to 20+" depending on the variety and number of tips. If the cutting is less than 14" we will specifically say so in the listing or in an email to you. Some cultivars (like Keiki Lavendar) are quite short especially when only ordering a single tip. This is the same regardless of if it is a cutting or rooted cutting. Please do not request cuttings of a specific length or ask how long a specific cutting we are planning on sending will be. We often cut to order and will send you the best we have available and will fit in your box. If you are placing a large order that requires a large box, you will likely get larger cuttings. If you must have a specific size cutting, please order something listed under "large cuttings" or place a special order via email.
  • How do I grow a cutting? Will plumeria grow where I live?
    Please read our About Plumeria section.
  • Do you sell flowers?
    No, I am sorry - we only sell cuttings, rooted cuttings and seeds.
  • When will my cutting or rooted cutting flower? Can you guarantee it will flower this year?
    It is impossible to know when a cutting or plant will flower. Many rooted cuttings flower right away. It depends on when that specific branch flowered last and how happy it is in its new environment. We recommend cutting inflos off unrooted cuttings as it slows the rooting process so a cutting should not be allowed to flower within the first year. We do not ship rooted cuttings with active inflos as they usually fall off anyway during shipping. Sometimes we send rooted plants with buds forming but please dont request it. We always send those out first when they are available.
  • I want to send plumeria to my girlfriend for Valentines Day - what should I order?
    Our plumeria may not be appropriate for that type of gift. We do not ship them with flowers and often cut the leaves off for shipping (it helps with pests and reducing shock). Our plumeria are meant for propogation not as a pretty plant out of the box.
  • How do your rooted cuttings arrive? What size pot?
    Typically we ship them in 1 gallon grow bags. The grow bags are what the cuttings were rooted in and contain sterile soil and perlite.
  • Do you sell larger rooted trees?
    Yes we do, but only to Hawaii locations. Due to agricultural restrictions and shipping logistics we do not ship plants in containers bigger than 1 gallon out of the islands.
  • Could you send me a catalog?
    I am sorry but we do not have printed catalogs as our inventory constantly changes. Our catalog is our website.
  • I am going to be in Maui, how can I arrange for a tour?
    Regretfully cannot have visitors. We do not have a retail location nor a grove suitable for tours.
  • Do you carry ....?
    Our entire inventory is on our website. If you do not see it, we do not have it.
  • How much is postage to...?
    The best thing to do is put your items in your cart and go to checkout. The exact shipping is given before you are asked to pay. Approximations are found on our shipping page
  • Do you sell wholesale?
    Yes, but only the items listed in our "Wholesale" section. We do not discount our named varieties.

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