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About Plumeria

The Plumeria is a very hardy tree and requires but little care. If you have frosty winters, bring it indoors. Leaves will appear the first year and the blossoms should be out in the second. Each year they will shed their leaves and new healthy ones will re-appear (with the exception of the Singapore Plumeria which keeps its leaves year round). The size of the container will control the size of the plant. Here in Hawaii it will grow up to 20ft in height.

Care of a plumeria plant:

Water plumeria plants once a week or when the soil becomes dry. For the first year, use a good general-purpose fertilizer, like Miracle-Gro or Bill's. Your primary goal should be developing healthy roots and NOT about flowers. In the plant's second year spraying the leaves with Spray N Grow(SNG) to help promote blooms. We also recommend using Coco-Wet as a wetting agent to help the SNG stick to the leaves. Bill's Perfect Fertilizer can also be mixed with the SNG if you need additional fertilizing.