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Planting Plumeria Cuttings

What you'll need:
  • Potting soil (Cactus Mix or 1/2 perlite and 1/2 peat moss)
  • 6-10 inch pot in diameter with drainage holes
  • Gravel (or larger stones used to stabilize the cutting in soil)
  • Rooting hormone such as Rootone or Clonex. This is optional but greatly increases your chances of rooting success.
  • Cuttings received from Maui Plumeria Gardens will arrive ready to root. Do not re-cut your plumeria. Cuttings may be stored in a dry, shaded and well ventilated area for 2-4 weeks before planting however rooting success is greatly increased by planting early.
  • Prepare the soil by mixing 1/3 Perlite to 2/3 Peat or Potting soil. Cactus mix is another good alternative. The Perlite in your soil will help drain the water away from the roots. Root rot is often caused by poor soil drainage.
  • Choose a pot about 6-10 inches wide and 6-10 inches deep with good drainage holes. Fill the pot with the soil mix, leaving 1 inch from the pot rim.
  • Dip the bottom inch of the cutting in water, then dip it into a rooting hormone like Rootone or Clonex. We sell single use packets that can be used to root as many as 15 plumeria cuttings.
  • Sink the cutting into the pot about 3 inches below the dirt. Be careful not to plant too deep as the roots from cuttings in soil typically develop from the bottom of the cutting.
  • Press and firm the mix adding more if needed. Remember to leave an inch or more for the gravel.
  • Fill the rest with gravel to stabilize the cutting, again press and firm it down.
  • Water until water drains out the holes at the bottom of the pot. We recommend watering with a SuperThrive solution to promote rooting. Do not water again until the soil becomes very dry and then water only sparingly. Cuttings are subject to rot if they are kept too moist or dark.
  • Place the pot in a warm sunny location and get ready to watch it grow. In cooler locations, warming the bottom of the pot with a heating pad will promote root development.
  • Cuttings will take 2 to 4 months to form a full root ball.
  • Leaving an inflo (flower stem) on your plumeria during the rooting process may slow root development. We suggest cutting off inflos that appear before your plumeria is fully rooted.
Planting Plumeria Seeds:
  • Fill small plastic trays or pots with potting soil. Place the seed into the soil, leaving the wing sticking up. Press the soil around the seed to keep it in place. Germination trays work well as they keep the environment hot and moist.
  • Place the pot or seed tray in a sunny location
  • Wait 3 weeks and keep the soil moist- you should start to see signs of germination!
Re-potting Rooted Plumeria:
  • When you receive a rooted plumeria we suggest you wait one to two weeks before repotting to let it acclimate to its new surroundings. If you are receiving plumeria between October and February you may want to wait until early March to repot.
  • When you do re-pot use a good draining potting soil. See Planting a Plumeria Cutting above.
  • Leave the plant in the shade for about a week while it acclimates.
  • Place the pot in a warm sunny location and get ready to watch it grow. In cooler locations, warming the bottom of the pot with a heating pad will promote root development.
  • Careful not to over water your plumeria. Plumeria are subject to root rot if the soil remains damp for long periods of time. Let the soil thoroughly dry before watering.
For the first year, we recommend a general-purpose fertilizer such as Miracle-Gro or Bill's Perfect Fertilizer. The primary goal is developing healthy roots - not flowers. Once the root system is developed, leaves can be sprayed with Spray N Grow(SNG) to promote blooms. We recommend using Coco-Wet as a wetting agent to help the SNG stick to the leaves. Bill's Perfect Fertilizer can be mixed with the SNG for additional fertilizing.